Inefficiencies, long delays, high costs for both patients and insurers… The healthcare industry has long been ripe for a digital makeover and the health crisis has clearly sparked accelerated adoption of digital solutions and a more supportive regulatory and reimbursement framework.

If telemedicine has been standing out, Technology is gradually breaking into most healthcare segments with the aim to accompany the patient through his entire medical journey, from prevention and detection to care and repair.

Against a backdrop of rising health awareness and anxiety, fitness and medical wearables are on the rise, with people seeking to track their body temperature, blood pressure, glucose level and other signals in order to get back control of their health.

The proliferation of these wearables and the gradual rise of at-home diagnostics should radically transform the tracking of health in the future, with physicians gaining the ability to monitor patients remotely in what is expected to become a virtual care experience.

Precision medicine is also on its way to become reality with genomic testing and liquid biopsies opening up a new era in diagnostics, therapy optimization and disease monitoring.

In wound and disease care, robotics, biosensing and Artificial Intelligence are giving rise to a new generation of surgeries and medical devices, not only repairing but also potentially enhancing humans.

In all, this tech-powered healthcare revolution represents a massive business opportunity and Tech players have arguably set their sights on it. While they have already invested in activities ranging from online pharmacy to robotics, they could well try to speed up their expansion through M&A.


Digital Health: The Intensifying Fight Against Cancer

Nearly one million cancer cases have been neglected across Europe due to the pandemic according to the European Cancer Organisation. In the US, the National Cancer Institute documented that nearly ten million cancer screenings were missed nationwide during the coronavirus outbreak. Due to ignored appointments and cancer screenings, Covid-19 will therefore, unfortunately, cause indirect increases…

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