The global technology infrastructure has been under strain due to the increasing digitization of the economy and the emergence of several powerful innovations such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and the Metaverse should only exacerbate latency and bottleneck issues.

To support the AI, real time and 3D requirements of this new generation of applications, a multi-year investment cycle in cloud, and edge computing is on its way.

As an illustration, Intel stated that the Metaverse will require 1,000x more computing power than today’s digital applications.

AI is the underlying and necessary base for many new technologies and the increasing complexity of training deep learning models is having a profound impact on the cloud computing architecture.

Hyperscalers are notably redesigning their cloud infrastructures with data transfer speed and energy consumption optimization in mind.

Longer term, quantum computing emerges as the next step in high-performance computing.

Tech infrastructure vendors (semiconductors, software) will obviously benefit from this upcoming investment cycle to train AI and deliver AI services to customers at scale.

Industrial and consumer goods companies should also have the opportunity to leverage their installed base of IoT products and devices (cars, industrial machines…) to offer a wide range of connected digital services and over-the-air options through subscription-based models.


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