Digital payments are expected to keep growing at a fast pace and make cash increasingly irrelevant thanks to new shopping experiences (livestreams, in-store cashierless checkout…) and digitization of big-ticket transactions.

These large transactions (B2B, real estate…), which are dominated by paper documentation, are having a well needed digital makeover.

Cryptos are also gradually emerging as a means of exchange both online, where they make possible the transfer of property and trading of virtual goods, and in-store where retailers and consumers increasingly adopt them.

Ethereum’s shift to a Proof-of-Stake protocol is widely expected to accelerate adoption of ETH payments and NFT transactions and further position the blockchain technology as a pillar for mainstream Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services, the Metaverse and as one of the Web 3.0 layers.

Payments and cryptos are often the cornerstone of more ambitious service offerings (online trading, lending, payroll management…) turning Fintech firms into full digital banks and leveraging their highly scalable platforms.

Finally, Fintech is likely to remain a fertile ground for M&A due to high industry fragmentation and economies of scale that can be achieved through business combinations.


Metaverse/Fintech: Axie Crypto Hack Highlights The Importance of Metaverse Infrastructures

The crypto community has just been shattered by the biggest crypto heist to date: 173,600 ethereum and 25.5 million USDC (a U.S. dollar pegged stablecoin), or an equivalent of $622 million, have been stolen on the Ronin network. This network is a so-called sidechain used to settle crypto transactions on Axie Infinity’s video gaming platform.…

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