The economy digitization is accelerating like never before as illustrated by the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the emergence of the Metaverse, a 3D digital world in which people will direct avatars to play, socialize  share experiences, shop, work and learn.

This secular transformation requires a massive upgrade of the technology infrastructure, to support the AI, real-time and 3D requirements of this new generation of applications.

On the sustainability front, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the growing population challenge is reshaping traditional industries and giving rise to a new generation of innovations in food, water and clean energies.

A good way to play these innovations is through a multi-thematic portfolio that gives exposure to each theme’s secular growth while offering risk diversification.

The Next Generation Tech certificate reflects Synapse Invest’s strongest convictions across its various themes for a total of c.40 positions.

The portfolio’s exposure (excl. cash) to each single theme is comprised between 5% and 20%, the investment manager having the ability to make allocation decisions based on specific technology developments, earnings potential and macro events.


Artificial Intelligence: Electronic Design Automation Riding A Booming Chip Design Cycle

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is the bedrock of modern digital transformation, encompassing software-based tools used by all semiconductor companies to design cutting-edge chips and complex integrated circuits that power our technological landscape. EDA has, accordingly, accompanied the growth of the semiconductor industry over the years. Looking forward, the growth pace of the main EDA players,…

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Aqua: Addressing The Water Challenge In The Semiconductor and Data Center Ecosystems

If the narrative about water scarcity mainly focuses about the impact of shortages on our daily lives and key industries (agriculture, beverages…), a new kind of consumers is also affected and will have to treat and reuse increasing amounts of water: semiconductor companies and, more globally, the data center industry. Silicon wafers undergo multiple steps…

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